‘Tis the Season: Electrical Safety for Christmas

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Christmas marks an exciting time for all Queenslanders to be with family and friends and celebrate the festive season. However, whilst co-existing with the threats of storm season, Christmas retains electrical risks which should be monitored to ensure the safety of your home or business. 

Lights and Cables

Twinkling lights around your Christmas tree or decorating your property is the image most of us associate with Christmas. By maintaining high standards of safety, the extra lighting and cables which make Christmas special can be kept safe as well. 

Lights are the most common source of hazards around Christmas time. Beyond picking LED lighting options, which are less likely to run hot, burn out, and even explode than their filament alternatives, it is important to not use lights designed for indoors, outdoors. Indoor lights are not prepared to deal with the elements and Queensland climate and are a major electrical risk. 

Only used once a year and often stored poorly when not, it is not uncommon for your Christmas lights to experience wear and tear over the years. Lighting with exposed or frayed cabling can be a major electrical hazard and should be disposed of immediately. Whilst they may seem like a crucial part of Christmas, it is not worth risking the safety of your family or workplace, particularly when the lights can be easily replaced. 

Regardless of the high quality of your lights, if you’re using additional electrical devices throughout the holiday, we recommend that your power boards are fitted with overload protection. This can help maintain the electricity in your home, for your family and your guests and keep your Christmas displays running.

Following Restrictions and Guidelines

When using electrical products for Christmas decorations, always follow the guidelines provided by the product manufacturer. This includes: recommended wattage, running time and conditions for the item to be used in. 

By purchasing safety certified products, moreover, you can protect your family and workforce from avoidable electrical hazards. 

Christmas Holidays

Christmas usually offers us the perfect opportunity to leave home or close the office for an extensive period of time. In these cases, it is important to follow appropriate safety protocols to minimise the risk damages taking place in your absence. For workplaces and homes alike, it is recommended to switch off all devices at the wall if they are not going to be in use when you are away. Electrical safety cannot take a holiday, and it is important to minimise electrical risks, such as fire, over the holiday season. 

With Christmas taking place during Queensland’s storm season, taking extra measures to maintain electrical safety in your absence for such unpredictable conditions can be highly valuable. If you are unsure how to go about maximising electrical safety while the office is closed, our Haines Master Electricians will be able to assist you in developing a safety plan when shutting down the business. Call us on 1300 084 303 or contact us online today

By committing to the electrical safety of your home or business during this time, you reduce any delays to getting your business up and running for the new year and makes it easier for you to get back to work.