Industrial Solar Panels

Are you an industrial business with long operating hours and a high electricity cost? It’s more than likely you’ve considered solar power before, but the thought of cheap panels or failing inverters costing your business has put you off.

Put your trust in Haines Electrical to supply the best quality industrial solar solutions.

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Industrial Solar Installation

Haines Industrial Solar Installations

Many warehouses, manufacturing and cold storage facilities are the perfect match for solar power but need guaranteed, high-quality installation and a truly reliable solar system to make the move.

At Haines Electrical Services our team has years of experience with large scale industrial solar systems, using only the highest quality materials and providing up to date maintenance so your systems can run smoothly all year round.

Industrial Solar Installation

Industrial Solar Solutions From Start To Finish

Our industrial solar installations include the entire package to get you producing your own power in no time. We provide all materials and our master electricians will install and set up your system to the highest standards.

This includes:

  • – Solar panels and mounting frames to secure the panels to your roof
  • – Solar inverters which are one of the most important components of your solar system
  • – Cables, switches & monitoring equipment to help you track and understand your system’s performance

Australian businesses are in the prime position to benefit from solar power right now. Especially industrial outfits whose daily operation chews through huge amounts of electricity. The installation of solar panels for your industrial business could save you considerable amounts from your power bills.

Electricians With Industrial Solar Experience

At Haines our team has years of experience working with large scale industrial operations. We’ll choose the best solar system for your business and provide you with realistic system performance figures based on your set up. With careful planning, we determine the best spot for your panels, what size you need to generate enough power, and if you want to store the power produced by your system.

Use Solar To Power Your Industrial Business

Using the sun to create clean energy is one of the smartest ways to save money for your business. Powering your industrial operations with solar panels will reduce the cost of your energy bills and put you ahead of your competition for the future! Plus you’ll be helping to reduce your impact on the environment.

Find out how we can help your business to utilise the possibilities of industrial solar power. Contact our team today to find out how solar power can fit into your business plan and save you money.

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Passing On The Best Industrial Solar Practises

Once your solar system has been installed the Haines team will then guide you through the best practises for getting the most out of your solar panels, and help you to understand the positive impact on your power bill. We can also provide up-to-date information on all of our products, our installations and on the various incentive schemes currently available for you to take advantage of.


Industrial Solar Panels In Australia

Our team of solar electricians provides a nationwide service to all industrial customers. Whether you need solar panels for your business in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or beyond, Haines Electrical can provide you with a solar solution. Our team will walk you through the cost of solar panels for your industrial business and provide you with a solar panel guide to give you all the information you need.