View a sample of our commercial electrical projects below. At Haines we strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions to their electrical needs.

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Springfield Central High School (F Block)

At Haines Electrical, we’ve got extensive experience in delivering projects in the educational sector. One of our recent electrical fitouts was F Block, a three storey building on the Springfield Central High School campus. This building is the epitome of the modern secondary educational experience. It features robotics and science labs, a dance studio and a multipurpose area for the students to get out in the open and kick a ball around. All of the lighting in the building is LED (so there’s no flicker) and there is hearing augmentation throughout. This means that people with a hearing impairment can use bluetooth to connect their hearing aids to any audio visual equipment being used. Resulting in crystal clear sound streams to them directly without the need for turning the sound up beyond regular levels. Another feature of F Block is that automation turns the air conditioning and lights off at the end of the day, so there’s no chance of wasted power. Upon completion, Haines Electrical looks after the maintenance as part of a two year warranty period. Thanks to our extensive educational experience, we’re perfectly positioned to look after maintenance for the life of these types of projects.


We’ve delivered a huge variety of electrical fitouts for all types of warehousing projects. From small 2000sqm buildings up to the bigger end of things (60,000sqm+) we know how to make sure the electrical side of these construction jobs is 100% future proof. From logistics and storage, to customs, manufacturing and cold storage, our engineers and consultants work closely with our tradespeople to ensure that if the purpose needs to change, the electrical infrastructure is there to support the needs of any potential tenant. So, we design our systems to make sure we can vary the amount of current that can be drawn regardless of the tenants’ needs. For example,  cold storage and heavy manufacturing will require higher levels of power than other tenants. Clever capital investment at the start of a project ensures you can have a variety of tenants heading into the future. Thanks to our vast experience in this sector, Haines is perfectly placed not only to deliver the electrical fit out for these facilities during construction, we also offer comprehensive preventative maintenance programs for the life of the building.

Cold storage facilities

At Haines, we’ve been delivering and maintaining electrical fitouts for cold storage facilities for over 15 years. In fact, we’re one of the few commercial electrical companies who can provide the experience, attention to detail and level of quality needed for these types of jobs. The growth in cold storage especially in Brisbane and South East Queensland has been exponential in recent years. The Haines Electrical team has expertise second to none when it comes to planning, delivering and maintaining the electrical fit outs of these refrigerated warehouses.