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Emergency electrical services

With storm season quickly approaching, emergency commercial electrical services make sure your business is ready to weather anything. Haines’ Master Electricians can provide comprehensive services to manage a range of obstacles and electrical issues to keep businesses running.

Finding Equipment Faults 

Cold storage facility not maintaining the target temperature? Fuses tripping or lights flickering? Solar panels overloading and hot spotting?

Regular servicing of commercial electrical systems can help in finding unit malfunctions and prevent loss of power. Our Master Electricians provide regular servicing of electrical systems to maintain the performance of the electrical units which keep your business running. Regular maintenance can help with early fault finding and assure your electrical systems perform all year round.

When faults and extreme weather conditions arise, emergency electrical services can troubleshoot these issues and provide a comprehensive solution.

Emergency Electrician Services

Loss of Power 

The loss of power for commercial spaces is a major challenge for your business’ operation which requires urgent resolution. 

Issues such as a malfunctioning switchboard, storm damage or faulty solar panels can trigger power loss which is often devastating for your workplace. Proper maintenance of electrical services can help prevent loss of power and help assure that your business stays up and running. 

In cases of loss of power, Haines’ Master Electricians understand you need for speedy support to minimise losses to productivity, profits and safety for your business.

Cold Storage Facilities Malfunctioning

Commercial refrigerated storage complexes operate today as a major component of many warehouses and manufactures. When faults in their efficiency and performance arise, Haines Master Electricians know you require an immediate resolution. 

The most common issue cold storage units experience is fault in the sealing of the space, such as damage to the unit’s door. Sealing issues impact the unit’s capacity to maintain their target temperature, resulting in spoiled product or even affecting worker safety. These faults in cold storage facilities can cause microbial growths and harm the product quality. Regularly servicing your equipment and reporting any temperature changes can help manage faults in their early stages and minimise the loses.

Solar Panel Faults

Solar panels are often the perfect match for many commercial spaces, including warehouses, manufacturing, and cold storage facilities. Large scale industrial solar systems require regular maintenance to perform optimally all year round. Faults in solar panels can include roof mounting issues, errors in the solar inverters and monitoring equipment failures. 

With solar panels providing industrial businesses with more economic and efficient daily operation, Haines understands the need for these systems being back up and running urgently. Maintenance services and emergency electrical services provide the support to solar panel functioning. However, if an unpredicted outage has occurred, Haines’ emergency commercial electrician are skilled to troubleshoot these issues and get your solar panels back to optimum performance. 

Emergency Electrician Services Near Me

If your commercial workplace is currently experiencing electrical outages and are in need of emergency support, Haines emergency electrical services is ready to provide the support and solutions to minimise downtime and let you get back to work as fast as possible. Operating across Queensland, Haines maintenance programs and emergency services ensure year round operation and efficiency of your workplace.