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At Haines Electrical Services we take the quality of our work seriously. Which is why we’ve just attained three new certifications to improve our client satisfaction, lessen our environmental impact and build a healthier and safer workplace for our employees. 

Gaining these certifications has been a dedicated effort from our whole team and we are pleased to be able to display the following certification badges: 

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Management) 

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification

These new certifications will not only improve our business operations, but also help Australian and international commercial clients.

An ISO 14001 Certification is focused on environmental performance within our business. It can be used to create a standardised approach to managing our operations with an environmentally-friendly and sustainable focus. 

Because environmental management systems are regulated by ISO 14001, you know that Haines’ environmental management policies and procedures comply with high international standards. We have also implemented environmental management plans to help minimise our business’ environmental impact. 

We’ve also achieved an ISO 9001 Certification – which helps ensure our clients experience consistently high quality management. Over one million companies and organisations across the world are certified to ISO 9001 and Haines Electrical is proud to join them. 

The ISO 9001 certification is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong client focus and commitment to continuous improvement at all levels of the business. In order to gain this accreditation Haines Electrical had to prove our commitment to quality leadership, operational excellence and constant improvement. Achieving this certification means better quality management for our team and our clients. 

Finally, Haines Electrical has also gained the ISO 45001 certification – an international standard for occupational health and safety. Through intensive assessment and training we have put our organisation in a position to compete at the highest international level. 

It was critically important to us to achieve this accreditation. Its system will help to reduce injuries and accidents in the workplace as well as continually improving the OH&S performance of our business. Beyond ensuring our team’s safety, an ISO 45001 certification provides a holistic approach to health and safety, making employee wellness and wellbeing a critical component of our business.  

Our existing clients will have already experienced our business’s strong emphasis on the environment, our employees safety and our quality management.With these new accreditations it will allow us to implement an even more systematic approach to each of these areas, in line with international standards and approved by the strictest of quality checks. 

At Haines Electrical Services we’re very proud to have achieved these three certifications and we look forward to our continued growth as a commercial electrical service provider; both in Australia and internationally.

If you’d like to learn more about our new ISO 14001, ISO 9001 or ISO 45001 certifications and how they are helping us to help our clients, contact our team today.