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Electricity acts as an essential part of your workplace. However, if safety measures are not followed and communicated, electricity in industrial workspaces can be highly dangerous and even fatal. The safe management and testing of your workplace’s electrical equipment can assure the health, safety and performance of your workforce.

Common Electrical Hazards

Electrical equipment hazards are often dependent upon the location the equipment is used and the experience of the person operating the equipment. The most common of electrical hazards is the threat of electric shock, through either direct or indirect contact. 

Electrical shock is often caused by faulty electrical equipment or misuse of electrical equipment. They can occur in a range of ways, with a range of effects and injuries. These include instances of arcing, fire, the release of toxic gases and shocks to the body, with serious health consequences. 

Beyond the impacts to the body electrical shocks can have, they can often trigger related injuries including falling from elevated work platforms or worsen ongoing health concerns. 

Considering the possible dangers of electrical equipment, it is important to Haines Electrical that  electrical risk assessments are performed and management plans are developed to assure the health and safety of your workers.

Testing of Electrical Equipment 

When installing and using hazardous electrical equipment in your workplace, it is important to make sure they are regularly serviced and tested.

Testing your electrical equipment through Haines’ Electrical services can help eliminate electrical risks and prevent accidents. Our Master Electricians can help assess the electrical hazards of your workplace  through the inspection and testing of the equipment and its operating environment. 

When working with electrical equipment, hazards are difficult to avoid, however, Haines’ regular inspection and testing of equipment can help find electrical faults and deterioration early and assure your workers are performing safe work.  

Regular service safety inspections can help guarantee the safe use of electrical equipment and keep your workplace safe. 

Electrical Safety Communication

Electrical safety communication and management plans are an essential part of running safe workplaces. Beyond the risk control measures of regular servicing, it is important to assure your workforce is confident and experienced in the electrical equipment being used through relevant training. 

The risks of electricity should be managed and control measures skilfully communicated to prevent the potential hazards and dangers.

If you own or operate an industrial business, make sure you contact Haines Electrical Service to keep your factory operating smoothly and to ensure the safety and efficiency of vital machinery and its operation. Call us on 1300 084 303 or contact us online today. Read more about Haines’ safety measure here.