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An Electricians Guide to Receiving A Discount on Your Utility Bill   

You wouldn’t drive your car for years without heading in for a regular service, so why not treat your business the same way? 

Every year commercial business owners everywhere are hindered by unexpected and inconvenient electrical faults, which occur when an electrical distribution system does not receive regular inspections. 

Haines Electrical Service is a team of highly qualified electrical contractors who have specialised in commercial and industrial work since 1985, and today we want to pass on a bit of advice.  

Prepare in Advance, Avoid the Stress  

Often people are not aware there is an issue until they’re standing in the dark and unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. Losing power forces your day to a halt and in some cases can start to take a toll on your pockets.  

Preventative maintenance is the concept of regularly performing maintenance on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing in the future. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) found that without preventative maintenance measures in place, the failure rate of electrical components became three times higher.  

Whats the Problem? 

Research has found that as electrical loads cycle between high and low demand, thermal expansion and contraction cause connections to loosen. Furthermore, electrical panels that are never cleaned begin to accumulate dirt. The combination of loose and dirty connections creates a high-risk situation that is responsible for 30% of electrical failures.  

A further 17% of electrical faults occur, because a live component on an electrical system has been exposed to moisture.  

Loose components and exposure to moisture make up almost 50% of electrical faults and yet they are two of the easiest things to fix when caught ahead of time. Ignore them and run the risk of experiencing an electrical fire or a complete system overload that puts you out of business until the issue is fixed.  

Using a preventative maintenance plan, our qualified electricians will sit down with business owners and discuss everything needed to keep their business running smoothly and costs low.  

Imagine how much easier (and cheaper) it is to have a connection tightened or an electrical system cleaned, than to replace a damaged panel or lose everything you own in a fire.  

The Successful EPM  

We have discussed the fact that having a preventative maintenance plan in place is beneficial, now let’s breakdown exactly what is required when creating an electrical preventative maintenance program (EPM): 

  1. Qualified Electrician – The electrician responsible for your EPM must have an extremely thorough understanding of electrical safety practices. They must also hold the necessary training for the specific equipment being maintained and tested.  
  1. Scheduling Maintenance – A business owner should schedule regular inspections, testing, and servicing for all electrical components. It is recommended that equipment is checked roughly every three years.  
  1. Making Informed Decisions – When working with electrical components, you want to be sure that you are making an informed and responsible decision when approaching a problem. The best way for this to happen is to ensure that the technician reviewing test reports has a thorough knowledge of the subject.  
  1. Performing the Work – There is almost no point in conducting tests and inspections if you have no intention of fixing the issue at hand. To perform work, a scheduled outage will need to be organised. This will allow a certified electrician to come in outside of your office hours and fix any issues, without disrupting your flow of business.  
  1. Record Keeping – It is important to keep clear and concise records. Keeping records over time will ensure your systems never miss an inspection and make it easier to spot a potential fault before it occurs. Furthermore, should an issue arise you will be able to pinpoint who was responsible for the error and easily have the problem fixed.  

Pay Now Save Later  

Electrical damage often sees the original problem have an adverse effect on surrounding components. This can cause so much damage that a complete replacement of the whole system will become necessary.  

To make matters worse, simply buying a brand-new electrical system is not enough, as further modifications will become necessary during the fitting process. 

It has also been proven that faulty wiring forces your system to work in overdrive and can ultimately affect all electrical appliances. The combination of an overworked system pumping electricity into your appliances can both shorten the life span of your items, while raising the costs of your utilities.  

Three Fast Facts for Successful Prevention  

When taking preventative measures, the best part has to be the convenience that comes with scheduling an outage to suit your schedule. Follow these fast facts, and we guarantee the process will become even simpler: 

  1. Schedule an electrical inspection at least once every 3 years.  
  1. Take your diagnosis and be sure to follow through with repair.  
  1. Keep precise records of the when, the who, and the what of each inspection.  

Haines Electrical Service Has Got You Covered                                               

Here at Haines Electrical Service, we are all about building long-lasting relationships, so that we can help keep your business running smoothly over time. If you are looking for a fully certified electrician in Brisbane, then look no further because our team has got you covered.  

You can take comfort in knowing that every time you call Haines Electrical Services, you will be dealing with the best. Each of our qualified electricians are professionals who will show up on time, with only the highest quality products and the knowledge to both diagnose the problem and solve it. To make you feel even safer in your choice, Haines Electrical offers a 12-month warranty on all our work.  

So, whether you need help with leisure, retail, office space, healthcare, factories, or multifamily housing give us a call at 1300 424 353 today, we are ready to get started taking care of you and your business.