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Your guide to choosing the best cooling system

With summer temperatures sneaking up, cooling systems can provide much needed relief to residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Cooling systems are not one size fit all, and vary depending upon a space’s size, building type and requirements. The perfect cooling system can provide efficient temperature control all year round for your home or work, and make seasonal changes more comfortable. 

Decide Your Needs

The best cooling system for you depends on your space, budget and needs. With air conditioning units ranging in power, style and functions, it is important to establish what your cooling conditions are this summer. 

Unit Features

Air-conditioning units are available in various models, installation styles and power to suit your specific cooling needs. 

Cooling only units are the most popular type for a hot climate, however reverse-cycle units, which both heat and cool spaces, can provide temperature management all year round. These units can be installed through a split system, a multi-split system and ceiling duct, depending on the building type and budget. 

It is crucial to select a unit with a wattage to suitably power the size of your space. Using a unit too powerful for the space’s size can make the target temperature hard to maintain and risk dehumidification. Whereas using a unit insufficiently powered for the space can require excessive use and cause the unit to deplete quicker. Haines’ Master Electricians have the experience to help you pick the perfect cooling system to maximise efficiency and comfort. 


Split System Air-Conditioning: 

Split system cooling systems have been designed for conditioning compact spaces. With individual units mounted on the wall, split systems’ compressors are installed discreetly outside the home. These units allow only selected areas to be conditioned and more economical than other units, 

Multi-Split System Air-Conditioning: 

Multi-split systems are suitable for up to five rooms and allow for each room’s temperature to be controlled individually. Similar to split system air-conditioning, a multi-split system require an outdoor compressor to pass air and are mounted to the interior wall.


Commercial spaces often require a custom cooling system service to condition spaces ranging from single-split, multi-split, ceiling duct or a combination of all. Haines’ Master Electricians have extensive experience in designing cooling systems for large and complex commercial spaces including offices, stores, warehousing, schools and service centres. 

Master Electrician Assessment

Haines Electrical Master Electricians can determine the best cooling system for you through their assessment services, taking into consideration the crucial factors from budget to building type. Our team can develop a custom cooling solution tailored to your needs, and provide a servicing plan to maintain the system’s performance from season to season.


To achieve the best cooling system, it is essential the unit is properly serviced and maintained. This is a crucial but often overlooked practice to assure the reliability and energy efficiency of your unit. Units which have been poorly maintained can experience declining performance, bad smells and break easier. We recommend our Master Electrician servicing your unit at least once a year to maximise the efficiency of the cooling system. Maintenance can assure the longevity of the unit for summers to come. 

Air-conditioning Electrician Near Me

Operating across Queensland, Haines Electrical can help you stay cool for the summer with the right cooling system for your needs. Contact one of our Master Electricians today to make sure your space is conditioned for 2021’s Summer. Call us on 1300 084 303 or contact us online today